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We offer stump-grinding at 3 different levels below ground:
- 2” for safety (essentially to prevent a tripping hazard)
- 6” to allow for grass to grow
- 12” to allow for a tree to be planted in that exact spot

Snell Tree Experts can help you match a tree and your planting site.


The key to successful planting is using high-quality plants, good planting procedures, and most importantly: planting the right tree in the right place.


Our ISA Certified Arborists will help you match the tree at your home, meeting objectives such as:

  • Creating a privacy screen

  • Choosing the right tree to meet aesthetic considerations

  • Selecting a tree that will add value to your property

  • Assessing other environmental characteristics such as proximity to your home, power lines, and other considerations in neighborhoods/urban areas


We will match a tree with your environment, taking into consideration:

  • Light needs

  • Water/moisture requirements

  • Soil conditions

  • Growing Space


We plant using the latest techniques and knowledge to set your tree up for success.

You can also check out the NC State Extension Gardener Toolbox to start looking at some trees in the area!

Stump Grinding & Planting: Projects
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