Is your tree looking stressed or sick? 

Would you like to learn more about the trees and shrubs on your property? 

Would you like a Tree Risk Assessment on a tree you’ve been watching grow for years, or on a tree at a home you’ve just moved to?

Snell Tree Experts offers consultations with ISA Certified Arborists to walk you through all your tree and plant goals including:

  • Identifying causes of stress/sickness and proposing solutions

  • Tree Risk Assessments

  • Tree Appraisals

The charge for a consultation starts at $100 and varies depending on distance and time involved. 

The fee for a consultation will be credited back to your account if you have Snell Tree Experts perform any work and your contract price is at least $1,000.

*Tim “Bo” Snell (#SO-2907A)

*Adan Ayala (#SO-7328A)