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  • Timothy Snell

Attention Property Managers: Your Trees Deserve the Best.

  • Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10% to your property's value.

  • The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

  • There is less graffiti, vandalism and littering in outdoor spaces with trees as a part of the natural landscape than in comparable plant-less spaces.

  • Shoppers in large cities are willing to pay 12% more for comparable products in areas with an urban canopy as opposed to areas without one. (And 9% more in smaller cities.)

There's no second chance for a first impression.

A well-maintained landscape is crucial for your property's curb appeal. After all, your trees and shrubs are the first thing visitors see upon arriving at your property. Don't lose their interest before they walk in the door.

Healthy trees not only add aesthetic value to your property - they help you save on energy bills, improve salability and increases property values. Not to mention, they benefit the environment and support local sustainability.

Maintaining the perfect landscape is tricky and dangerous work. TCIA Accredited tree care companies have the knowledge, training and equipment necessary to handle all of your property's tree care needs.

What is TCIA Accreditation?

A voluntary professional credential for tree care companies. Accredited companies must adhere to a checklist of items that includes ethical business practices, customer satisfaction, employee training, and compliance with federal/state regulations. These companies must also undergo an extensive third-part audit every few years, which ensure that you're getting the best service out there.

Why Hire an Accredited Company?

Cost: Get it right the first time. Accredited companies are pros, which means fewer costly mistakes, call-backs and complaints.

Safety: Trees can be dangerous. Accredited companies have formal documented training programs that reduce potential liabilities for customers, employees and tree care workers themselves.

Investment: Think proactively. The value of your property is a top priority and it pays to ensure that your landscape is well-maintained.

Accredited companies are required to have up-to-date insurance! Be aware that if the tree care company you hire doesn't have insurance, you could be held liable as a contractor.

Snell Tree Experts was recently recognized by the TCIA as one of the "Top-20 Accredited Tree Care Companies" in the nation!

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